Object Matrix and Unitecnic Revamp Storage for FOX Networks Group Iberia

Object Matrix and Unitecnic Revamp Storage for FOX Networks Group Iberia

Object Matrix, the leading provider of digital content governance solutions to the media and entertainment industries, has announced that it will be providing its MatrixStore Enterprise solution to FOX Networks Group (FNG) Iberia. It is working in partnership with its technology partner in Spain, Unitecnic, to deliver a greater storage capacity to FNG.

FNG Iberia is implementing three MatrixStore nodes of 96Terrabytes each and will have a dedicated hub and server for accessing content within the archive.

MatrixStore stores data, metadata and automatically applies data storage policies to provide a secure and scalable solution. Key to the service is the ability to install flexible configurations in size and performance, including backward and forward hardware compatibility. It allows the management; extraction and indexing of advanced metadata, with native support for AS11, AS10, EXIF and Adobe XMP files, and minimizes data transfer by processing data locally.

“MatrixStore has enabled us to greatly increase our storage capacity, but more importantly we are able to manage our archive in a much more efficient way,” commented Antonio Tablero, Head of Broadcast Engineering and Technology, FOX Networks Group Iberia. “The automation capabilities enable us to ensure the right content is in the right place at the right time and MatrixStore also gives us confidence that our data is both protected and future proof.”

“FOX Networks Group Iberia is a leading content provider for the Latin American market,” added Nick Pearce-Tomenius, Sales and Marketing Director, Object Matrix. “With a rapidly growing content library and a large number of stakeholders needing to access content, our MatrixStore solution is able to help manage that content, ultimately ensuring FNG can maximise the value of its content.”


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