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New exciting features for Cantemo Portal 3.3 !

New exciting features for Cantemo Portal 3.3 !

Discover the new version of Cantemo Portal™, the flagship Media Asset Management platform ! Portal™ 3.3 features a number of updates including tighter integration with the new cloud hub for managing video iconik, efficiency and metadata improvements.

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Global collaboration

Many of those managing video are looking to the cloud to add a layer of flexibility to their workflows. Both new and existing customers can now synchronise Portal™ 3.3 with the cloud-based iconik, introducing easy sharing and the ability to collaborate globally. The user can maintain complete control over the content uploaded to iconik, or with Rules Engine 3 in place, content can be automatically placed in the cloud. This can be done with the proxy version of the content or the original, depending on the needs of the user.

With global sharing and collaboration there is always the matter of security

With Portal™ 3.3, we have introduced the CheckIn and CheckOut function. If a user were to select CheckOut on a project, access to the same project would be severely restricted for other users (unless they have administrative rights). On top of this, the initial user who selected CheckOut would also have exclusive rights within Final Cut or Premiere Pro. Access can then be re-enabled or unlocked once all of the user’s edits are complete, by selecting CheckIn.

Metadata is the key to more efficient search and discovery of content

Portal™ has always included a dedicated metadata management tool so users can automate their metadata workflows and add their own bespoke rules. Now, with the latest version of the solution, different default metadata groups can be applied for different purposes, and set for items, subclips and collections. The result? Simplified item categorisation and better search accuracy.

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