IVORY now represents ROOT6 Technology

IVORY now represents ROOT6 Technology

IVORY has entered into an agreement to represent ROOT6 Technology’s products and services in France, Belgium and Luxembourg. ROOT6 Technology is a UK software vendor specialising in file-based workflow management and automation tools for recurrent tasks.


Paris, France – May 11, 2015 – IVORY, a French services company, will now represent the interests of ROOT6 Technology in France, Belgium and Luxembourg to accelerate its development in the region.

ROOT6 Technology introduced its flagship platform ContentAgent a decade ago, in very close collaboration with the broadcast & post-production communities. ContentAgent™ is designed to streamline file-based operations by automating commonly performed tasks.

ContentAgent™ provides a central hub to help manage and automate all aspects of file-based workflows from ingest to delivery. Powerful resolution independent transcoding ensures that the files at hand are easily transformed into the files you need to work on, and the subsequent deliverables.

The elegant and intuitive user interface of ContentAgent™ echoes working practices and provides all the useful tools to create and automate workflows from acquisition to delivery in a secure, reliable and repeatable manner. Integration with ‘best of breed’ third party technologies facilitates such powerful features as automated file-based QC, disc publishing and advanced frame rate conversion.

ContentAgent™ automates the processes in a seamless transparent manner, maximising available resources, reducing the need for human intervention and significantly streamlining operations. With a highly intuitive user interface and supported by a super-fast workflow engine, the ContentAgent™ platform offers the ability to increase power as your needs grow.

Julien Gachot, founder at IVORY, says: “The team here is very excited to engage with such a highly respected company. With dramatically increasing file exchange needs in our market and less staff to operate systems, we are confident that ContentAgent™ will be extremely successful. This will also be a perfect fit to our current technology portfolio and the one of our network of integration partners and specialised resellers as the products have already proven to be mature and competitive.”

Marcus Hume-Humphreys, Managing Director at ROOT6, explains: “ContentAgent automates a multitude of tasks commonly encountered in file-based operations. We are delighted to partner with IVORY, a company which demonstrates such a clear understanding of the current issues faced by the media industry, and look forward to a fruitful relationship in the region.”


Founded in 2011, IVORY offers three services to the Media industry: a strategic and operational consulting practice, a manufacturers representation and develops a software platform to enhance Adobe based graphics workflows called Automate-IT.

Please visit https://www.ivory.fr and follow us on Twitter @IVORY_France for more information.

About ROOT6 Technology

ROOT6 Technology was established by industry professionals in 1997 at the heart of London’s post-production and new media communities in Soho. ROOT6 Technology is a subsidiary of ROOT6, which is one of the most experimented suppliers in the Broadcast industry, Cinema, Post-production and new media companies in the United Kingdom.

Please visit http://www.root6technology.com for more information.

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