File sharing vs media management: what’s the difference?

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File sharing vs media management: what’s the difference?

While simple file sharing may work for some organisations, media management offers powerful search and automation capabilities.

I have often been asked why, in a world full of low-cost and free options to help businesses manage large amounts of content, anyone would choose to spend thousands or hundreds of thousands of dollars on a media management system. The answer is simple: more efficient media management means more efficient storytelling and ultimately results in a better connection with your audience.

While it’s true that applications like Dropbox, Google Drive, and OneDrive all do handle some level of organization and sharing of files, when it comes to truly helping you manage your media files, they simply don’t cut it.

So the next question I hear often is, “what makes a media management solution better or different?” Essentially, if you want something where you can simply drop and share your files, file sharing solutions are fine. However, if you want something that makes your content easily discoverable and actionable, and enables you to be creative with your media without unnecessary obstacles, then… Read more

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