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[Case study] Planimonteur Offers Remote Post-Production with Object Matrix

[Case study] Planimonteur Offers Remote Post-Production with Object Matrix

Based in Paris, France, Plani Group provides a range of solutions to support media clients through the entire video production process. The scope of services offered includes planning, preparing, filming, producing, distributing and archiving audio-visual projects. Plani Group is comprised of Planipresse, Planimonteur, L’Atelier Plani and Plateau 29TG.

The postproduction arm, Planimonteur, prides itself on offering a full post-production service for audio and video content, as well as a range of additional services, including technical consultancy and storage facilities. OCS (subscription-based TV bouquet operated by Orange), is one of Planimonteur’s  prestigious customers for which it produces 800+ on-air promotional trailers monthly.


More than just post-production

With a vast array of post-production companies in France, all offering similar services, Planimonteur found itself faced with increasing competition and was looking for ways in which it could differentiate itself from the crowd. This is especially true in the context of increasing adoption of hybrid cloud by media companies, the physical implementation of a post-production company is no longer an essential factor.

Planimonteur has therefore been carving out a niche for itself by the way of additional services that benefit its clients. This includes giving each customer a very personalised service and leveraging the synergy with other companies within the group in order to offer a comprehensive service.

Ultimately, Planimonteur decided to undertake a major strategic shift and turned to remote post-production capabilities for its clients. This process provides more flexibility and enables easy remote access to the material for multi-site collaboration and simple review & approval processes, and dramatically improves file-based archiving. OCS embraced this innovative approach to post-production.


Setting up a streamlined and secured infrastructure

OCS_logoOCS is a group of subscription-based TV channels operated by Orange in France specialising in feature films and popular TV series. The channels are available both on-air and on-demand via multiple platforms, including TVs, computers, mobile devices, tablets, etc.

Planimonteur, tasked with managing on-air promotion for OCS, needed a simple way to manage content and enable fast and easy access for all stakeholders, turned to its trusted service provider VIDELIO Cap’Ciné to design a setup to meet these requirements. MatrixStore developed by Object Matrix was chosen to implement a media focused private cloud platform, consistent with the existing 2.8 Petabytes already in operation at OCS. Built upon digital content governance and object storage technology, MatrixStore is a secure and future-proof solution enabling customers to protect and preserve content throughout its lifespan while ensuring easy access. Object Matrix is represented in France by IVORY.

David Fontaine, CEO, VIDELIO Cap’Ciné, commented: “Planimonteur, as with the other companies within the Plani group, is very forward-thinking and always looking to improve the service it provides to its customers. We were tasked to help make remote post production a reality.”


A dedicated fibre connection links Planimonteur and OCS, while MatrixStore ensures they all have instant access to the files they need hosted on the disk archive. Both at OCS HQ and in an Orange data-center, MatrixStore is used to store all relevant graphics and video material. This infrastructure is connected to Planimonteur, where all the teasers are securely archived. OCS is also able to access and browse archived content from the other sites and leverage the native replication feature offered with MatrixStore.

dropspotUsing the data asset management tool from Object Matrix, DropSpot, items are tagged with metadata upon ingestion. This makes those assets easily discoverable, regardless of whether it is needed for editing, reviewing, or distributing.

Philippe Morisset, CTO, Planimonteur, commented: “Thanks to the setup with MatrixStore, we can be much more efficient with our workflows, and more importantly help OCS to become more efficient. Ultimately, that shortens the time it takes to get content to the viewer, something which is becoming increasingly important in a fierce competitive landscape.”

Nick Pearce-Tomenius, Sales and Marketing Director, Object Matrix, added: “MatrixStore is about enabling media companies to maximise the value of their content. If content is not discoverable, it essentially has no value. The setup for Planimonteur and OCS is a great example of global collaboration for an efficient workflow.as

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